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User Dashboard

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    Complete Dedicated Dashboard

    This is an Feature List Item that is part of an Feature List. Notice the connector between the three graphics to show that they are related.

Project Creation

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    Project Creation Form

    Your clients can create project with this simple form, easy, fast.. With all important setup newbie friendly. Setup “project name”, enter your “website url”, your “keywords” (as you want according to max keywords/project setup on admin page), and “search engine”.


Dedicated Login Page

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    Dedicated login page

    Client never know that the dashboard is a wordpress plugin. All the system is created for build parallel dashboard full sync with wordpress admin. The easyst way for build your own business without let user login on admin panel.

Alexa + Search Engine ranking

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    Alexa + Search Engine

    Complete system ranking with Alexa integrated rank for each project, and Search Engine ranking.

Invoice system

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    Invoice system membership pro plugin

    Plugin integrated with paid membership pro plugin, you can easily manage everything. Including complete invoice system for your clients.

Proxy System

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    Proxy System Allow Track

    This plugin work only with fresh google proxys, you can find them on , put it on admin page.

SMT plugin work only for your success.

Membership Subscriptions Fuction

Thanks to Paid Membership Pro (Seo Membership Tracker work only sync with Paid Membership Pro plugin), you can earn money by selling package to your clients.
It’s a complete business system that allow you start own serp tracker website.


Admin & Proxy Mode

Plugin admin page, you can manage Alexa Keys (already setup by default), proxy server (needed for make plugin work), and shortcode dashboard page.

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